New SOOT logo

The SOOT system has been functioning for many years and is a solution that has become a good part of the portfolio of logistics systems available on the market. Over the past two years, the SOOT system has undergone a very strong evolution, offering users new functionalities and solutions.

Because the system was still often associated with the beginnings of its functioning on the market, when it appeared as a Transport Offer Service System, we decided to change the system logo to more accurately reflect its current nature and capabilities.

The distinctive arrow in the lower left corner symbolizes the main user to whom the system is directed - the shipper. The next arrows represent the other participants in the supply chain participants. They are, among others suppliers, customers, forwarders and carriers. The arrow also symbolizes the multifunctionality of the system and rich configuration options.

The new logo will gradually replace the previously used mark and we hope that it will be permanently registered in your consciousness.