Virtual logistics coordinator

In addition to the obvious and most painful health effects, the current situation related to the coronavirus pandemic also affects the entire economy, and therefore to a very large extent logistics, which connects all participants in a network of interconnections. The resulting crisis significantly hinders current activities and creates considerable and often sudden and unexpected challenges in the field of supply chain management.

Suppliers, customers and shippers are often forced to work remotely. Some of the people are excluded from the process at all, unable to do their job. In these conditions that limit direct contacts and require replacements, it is worth having one comprehensive and common work tool with convenient access from any place and device. The SOOT system works perfectly in the implementation of daily duties, and in crisis situations it even increases its role, constituting a logistic platform for ongoing contacts and data exchange with all process participants.

Any delays and changes can be easily detected in the system thanks to the constantly updated statuses and additional messages and alerts - and as is well known - the sooner we receive such information and react to it, the greater the chance of minimizing further problems and losses.

We all want to come out of the crisis stronger and more resistant to future difficulties, so we encourage you to contact us at a time convenient for you. Together, we will establish a plan and scope of activities to optimize transport logistics in your company and ensure greater peace of mind in crisis situations.

At this point, it is worth noting that, if necessary, we are able to carry out all implementation work completely remotely - from the initial presentation of the system to the final user training.

We wish you good health and invite you to make contact in the form you prefer - by phone, e-mail or contact form.